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02 Sep The World’s Most Famous Civil Engineers

Photo by Sangga Rima Roman Selia on Unsplash

Civil Engineering is an advanced art form that gets far less credit than it deserves, but we’d like to rectify this and play our part in giving recognition and showing appreciation to it by pointing out some of the most famous civil engineers around the world and sharing the structures that made them so famous. Here are three great minds that inspire us.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Image courtesy of Robert Howlett

Brunel is a 19th century icon in the world of civil engineering. This great English engineer was known for his out-the-box thinking and his ability to find solutions to long-lived engineering problems that baffled many.

He was a man that was never out of ideas and contributed greatly to the Industrial Revolution with his revolutionary designs.

Brunel was responsible for the Great Western Railway, which connected London to the southwest of England, and he set the bar high in terms of railway standards with his use of thorough surveys to reduce gradients and curves.

He also helped build one of the first tunnels under a navigable river, that being the River Thames.


Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

Image: en.wikipedia.org

 Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, also known as Sir M.V., is one of the most famous civil engineers in India, during the 20th century. In his lifetime, he received India’s highest and most respected honour, that being the Bharat Ratna.

His contributions to water supply and drainage systems have earned him much respect around the globe. He was the chief engineer for the Krishna Raja Sagara dam, and for the flood protection system designed for the city of Hyderabad.

Sir M.V. also designed and patented a system of automatic weir water floodgates (installed at the Khadakwasla Reservoir) that allowed the reservoir storage levels to be raised to the highest possible level that would not cause any damage to the dam.

Gustave Eiffel

Image: www.toureiffel.paris

Gustave Eiffel was a 19th century French civil engineer that made his mark with the construction of the Eiffel tower. He was known as a great entrepreneur of his time, and it was his very own company that constructed the Eiffel tower.

Eiffel had an exceptional talent for metal structural work, which shone through in his work on many railways and bridges. (He supervised work on the great Railway Bridge in Bordeaux.)

He also contributed to building the unforgettable statue of liberty in New York.


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