Geotechnical engineering is an important aspect of civil engineering, as it is critical to properly assess and stabilise the subsurface ground conditions before major engineering projects can be executed. This is critical in evaluating how construction will interact with the area and whether or not it is viable to build on, or under that particular surface.


Geotechnical investigations look at any potential risks to human beings, property and the environment in terms of natural occurrences like earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes or rockfalls. These are all relevant objections to building, which is why a geotechnical engineer’s role is so critical. The geotechnical engineer will then determine the right design and type of foundation that is required for each individual building, based on the findings for the area.


Rumdel Cape’s goal is to be a knowledge base for geotechnical engineering in South Africa, with expertise that is unique to Rumdel alone, offering services in the following areas:


o   Lateral support and general ground engineering

o   Rockfall protection measures

o   Slope stabilisation

o   Sprayed concrete solutions

o   Installation of ground anchors

o   Drilling & barring at heights

o   Various grouting solutions

o   Concrete silo repair & refurbishment

o   Basement excavations

o   Pipe jacking

o   Geotechnical investigations & core drilling

o   Conventional tunneling